R Anekere

Well, the Universe always conspires to make the best match.

My spouse and I showed up at the Open House (on a wrong day) of a home that Michael and Nancy were listing. Michael and Nancy accommodated us and showed us their listing. They were very detailed in explaining to us about the area, the home, how it was built and the complete process of buying a home. They were so good that we immediately decided that they would represent us (& not our first agent) when we buy a home.

Michael and Nancy are a perfect couple who compliment each other’s strengths forming a strong package. They are very knowledgeable of the Bay Area, the homes and their experience helped us first time home buyers make good decisions. We learnt from them how to check the home, what to look for etc. When we liked a home, Michael would negotiate on our behalf and make sure we get the best representation.

Over the next few weeks, they showed us many homes and made the entire purchase process a cake walk. We made two new amazing friends during this entire journey. Looking forward to enjoying their friendship for many more years to come.

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